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I think it’s healthy to try new things as an artist. I’m a lifestyle photographer focused on family and newborn photography and I also love love love lifestyle portraits. Lifestyle portraits suit me and my need to be creative and artistic because I am still focused on connection and showing true beauty of a person. I can get that out of my lifestyle family work and I have the same goal during a lifestyle portrait session.

My friend Briana is a fellow artist in Atlanta that I’ve known over 10 years. Every time I shoot with her she pushes me to do something different and I always love the result. It’s not my style to sit in a studio with a stale set up, but rather get out and explore the city! Briana is a fine art photographer and always sees the beauty walking around Atlanta and encouraging me to see things with a different perspective. These photos were taken at Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party and boy oh boy we were in for a surprise. Dr. Bombay’s is in Candler Park, Atlanta and I am excited to say you totally need to check this place out! Naturally we both ordered tea and they have sooo many flavors!

This session naturally unfolded and it was great to photograph such a beautiful friend in a very unique place. I was actually renting a new lens at the time and knew I wanted to eventually purchase it, and this was actually the session that I knew 100% I NEEDED this lens.

It actually was hilarious that my Briana pulled out probably 10 different props / shirts / scarves / sunglasses that did the trick.

Every. Single. Time.

She seriously ROCKED this session.

We started outside to photograph her surrounded by a cool mural wall in Candler Park. We made our way inside Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Room and started in the beginning of the room. The lighting was beautiful! We got quite a lot of expressions from her, and then moved towards the back room of Dr. Bombay’s. There are umbrellas hanging from the ceiling (not pictured), how cool is that??? We knew we wanted to incorporate the beautiful bookshelf and her several, several props. And seriously it worked every time! I think one of my favorite areas of this lifestyle portrait session at Dr. Bombay’s was actually in the BATHROOM. We were actually glancing around seeing how to use the space and Briana says “come check out this bathroom!” and woah - the way the lights filtered through the shade was amazing!

I hadn’t really pushed myself with light (or bathrooms for that matter) prior to this lifestyle portrait session but I am so thankful for Briana pushing me to do something new and exciting!

5 Reasons to check out Dr. Bombay’s:

  1. amazing tea

  2. awesome location in Candler Park

  3. umbrellas hanging from the ceiling

  4. a huge, beautiful bookshelf

  5. a very unique bathroom

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10 Ways to Add Variety in a Lifestyle Portrait Session

When we think portraits we might often think studio or a close up headshot. Here I have listed 10 ways you can incorporate several backgrounds, poses, and props to add variety in your lifestyle portrait session. Let's get started!


1. Incorporate Movement

Typically when you get your subjects moving, they relax. When people relax they are usually more photogenic and this results in a fun and interesting portrait. If you are photographing your subject in a flowy dress, try to have her twirl in her dress. It might sound silly but it can make for a great photo! You can also create movement with hair. Here she just started shaking around her hair and I snapped away. The photos are so fun!


2. Use a Unique Background

I love putting my subjects in front of unique backgrounds. This could mean putting them in front of a brick wall, a staircase, or a fun window. Take a look around your environment and see what kinds of areas that would make your subject pop. Keep in mind what your subject is wearing and make sure their outfit can compliment the background.


3. Use a Simple Background

Simple backgrounds are also great for photos! Again, keep in mind what your subject is wearing to make sure the outfit and background compliment each other. It might be a good idea to ask your client what they will be using the photos for. If your client wants a portrait with a simple background, try to look around for a space with few distractions and a clean wall.


4. Use their Home

One way you can learn about someone is photographing them in their natural environment. Taking photos in your home can add a personal feel to the photo. Whether you are a food photographer or a family photographer using your natural environment helps to create a warm photo.


5. Shoot from Above

I like to get a few close-up shots during my lifestyle portrait sessions because it keeps the focus clear on the person. I like to shoot a little elevated from where they are standing and this helps to give you a variety of perspectives from the same pose.


6. Use Small Props

If you are a coffee drinker, experiment with having the coffee as a prop in your photo. These types of photos have more of a blogger style but I feel that it helps to add a personal touch to the photo. I also like to take photos of photographer friends with and without their camera. Holding a camera (or a coffee in the previous example) gives your subject something to do with their hands and relaxes them. And like mentioned earlier when people are relaxed they are photogenic!


7. Play with Hair or Face

This is another way you can give your client something to do with their hands. Have them run their finger through their hair or stroke along their face and will naturally give them a way to create interesting elements in the photo.


8. Use a Chair

Using a chair can be another way to incorporate a prop into a photo and keep the photo and the subject looking natural. A chair can add interesting dynamics to a photo and will give you variety of looks within your gallery.


9. Photograph your Subject Laughing

One of the jobs of being a photographer is interacting with the people you are photographing. Don’t forget to take some photos of them laughing! You will want to engage with them, bring out natural expressions, and relax them. It can be hard to act natural in front of a camera so when you are talking with your subject, make sure to capture the moment they make a candid and genuine expression! Some of my favorite photos of myself are ones where I’m laughing because it’s not a super posed expression!


10. Take a Close-Up Shot

Most of the lifestyle portraits I take include the environment, background, props, outfits, and other elements. It might be helpful to take a couple of close up shots that allow your subject to fill the frame and be the focus in the photo.


Do you have any other tips that should be included in this list?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!