June 1, 2018

I have routine in the mornings. Let's start with coffee. I am slowly getting better with french press coffee, although, once I am out of this ground coffee I will need to make the switch to coffee beans. I'm pretty sure that will make a huge difference in the quality of my coffee! 

Add an ice cube or two, and stir stir stir.

When I'm home I do like to get a little bit done around the house.. I feel productive doing laundry but then I just look on the couch and find the laziest of cats. 

Why don't they do their share of the family chores? 


I'm also over here trying to chug water to stay hydrated for my run! I was caught off guard by the big storm coming through, guess I'll finish up laundry and just lay on the couch how the cats have showed me!

As this is my first day in the life post, I wanted to capture the little bits and details through out my day. 

Like Tiger always wanting to be in the bathroom with me. And being all up in the business when I am trying to take off my makeup. Or when I try to push her off the counter and she hops right back on. Or when she jumps right into the shower when I'm done. I'm not sure what it is, if it's the bath smell, the body wash, or just the warmth of the shower but she loves it! 

Meanwhile you have this cat (and yes we currently have 3 cats in this small one bedroom apartment!) that's alllllways on the counter. I happened to catch him twice in the moment of shaking his head really fast and then making a huge y-a-w-n. 

The life of a cat!

Chris came home and brought back the most amazing hummus and pita from a Mediterranean restaurant a block away called Bezoria. Yum!!  

Now that our tummies were full we grabbed the keys and wallet and headed out the door. Bonus points for finding that $20 in a different purse! I always feel good about having cash. It's rare, but this day was good!

Some details about living in a high rise that I want to mention- living on the 12th floor means constantly leaving about 7-8 minutes early, knowing you have to take the elevator and climb flights of stairs just to get to the car. And then always still leaving too late and driving like a maniac through the parking deck. 

Have I mentioned that I can't park straight to save my life?

We trekked to walmart to pick up a few things. 

Somehow when I'm with Chris we always make our way into the self checkout line which I just try to avoid at all times! 

I can't self checkout without getting error messages on the screen, or the prompts that say please put back on the sensor and then bag again. Or it doesn't take my payment. Or anything else. So we just tag team it and it somehow works... 


We headed over to get Mexican food at a restaurant on the Westside called Agavero. Boy do they have the most delicious Tampiquena! 

Their decor and glasses are also worth documenting. Water for the win!

Checking the mail can be such a mundane experience but this day was different. I got a note! 

Such a sweet gesture from a family I photographed a few weeks ago. I felt so appreciated! 

Trying to be a little proactive and setting out choices for the following morning for a superhero sprint! 

Oh and also doing my mama duties to feed these three hellion kitties.

I have had these slippers for at least 3 years and I don't see myself getting rid of them anytime soon. They've gotten dirty, they've been washed, and they've molded to my feet. I love them!

Time for bed :-)