newborn session welcome guide


Hello! I am so excited for our newborn session! Newborn sessions give us a way to freeze this moment of time of bringing your new baby home. Our session will be baby-led which will allow us to have a laid-back approach during our session.

your images:

My goal during our session is to capture your family and your beauty in a naturalistic way with light posing. I believe in the power of storytelling through photography and using different perspectives and variety. I will be photographing your baby alone as well as with your family, in a way that documents this special time of caring and snuggling your baby. The baby will lead our session, and I will capture this beautiful time whether your baby is awake or asleep. You should be provided with a variety of images to print and share with your family, as well as artwork to hang in your home.


Most newborn sessions take place in your home (unless requested otherwise). When I arrive to your home I will ask you to take me around your home and I will be looking for windows and pockets of good light. We will primarily stay in well lit areas and we will use natural elements in your home to be the “backdrop”, such as master bedroom, living room, and kitchen areas.

Think of areas in your home that are special to you - colored walls and vibrant blankets are always fun!


The natural light is usually best during late morning around 10:00 am. We will spend most of the session in the areas of your home that have the best window light, and we will turn off overhead/fluorescent light. Feel free to open blinds and curtains, as this will help keep the color tones natural.


Keep the temperature in your home or the rooms we will be using a little warmer than you typically would. We want the baby to be warm, relaxed and comfortable.


Please plan to feed your baby about 30 minutes prior to our session. A full and sleepy baby will help the baby stay relaxed for our session. If baby gets hungry again during the session we can take a feeding break.

length of session:

We will allocate about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, which should give us enough time for breaks and feeding.

what to wear:

for the baby: This is a great time to have variety and have simple shots of baby in just a diaper and plain white onesie or swaddle at the beginning of the session, as well as any clothing you have picked out for baby. When choosing your baby’s outfit, fitted newborn clothing tends to photograph better than baggy, loose clothing.

for you: During this session I’d like you to be comfortable as well. We may move around a bit so allow some room to move when deciding on your outfit. Wear anything that feels natural to you. It's helpful to pick 2-3 colors and coordinate outfits around those colors, without being "matchy matchy". Keep in mind how your outfit colors will go with colors in your home such as an accent wall. It might be best to stay away from too many textures or patterns and clothing with large logos or distracting photos. Feel free to add pops of color, however be mindful that bold colors may color cast onto the baby. I would encourage you to not all dress the same (i.e., white shirt and khaki pants) because you are your own and we want that to show in these photos!

Head over to my Pinterest Board for complimenting outfit ideas.


I will not be posing your newborn baby in unnatural positions and I do not bring props to my sessions. I am happy to use available blankets, nursery items, and your home as the “props”. I am there to photograph your entire family during your newborn session, so your baby will likely be the “prop” in some of the images. :-)

Some ideas to take place during our session that will result in lifestyle and documentary images - bathing baby, feeding/nursing/rocking baby, swaddling baby. We are storytelling, so if your baby needs a bath, I’d love to photograph it!

your children (if applicable):

It might be a good idea to let your child(ren) know that a friend will be coming to take some photos and play so that they are not surprised when I get there. We will aim to photograph the larger family photos at the beginning of the session, to ensure the sibling is interested. I have found that the best photos happen when natural moments unfold, so if the sibling needs to leave the area, we will allow them to leave and come back when he or she is ready.

Please be mindful of your older child’s eating and nap schedule when planning for our session. If your older child does get hungry during the session, dry and non-messy snacks are ideal and a little easier to keep those faces clean.

please plan to be ready to start on time:

It is important that we start on time because we will be working with available light.

I am excited to capture you and your loved ones!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please let me know if there are any additional questions you may have.

See you soon!