10 Must-Have Photos to take During your Fresh 48 Newborn Session | Silver Spring Newborn Photographers

If you happen to be looking for a newborn photographer in the Washington DC area, I’m happy to say that I not only offer lifestyle newborn sessions, but also birth place sessions - known as Fresh 48 newborn sessions. Fresh 48 sessions take place at your baby’s place of birth within the first 48 hours. Fresh 48 sessions are a little more documentary in nature, and I’m there to document things that are naturally happening.

Fresh 48 Session and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are both pretty similar, and I have families that tend to choose both. The birth place sessions take place within your baby’s first 48 hours when you all are still in the hospital, and lifestyle newborn sessions can take place any time after you get home, up until your baby is one month old. In this blog post I have focused more on must-have photos from your fresh 48 session that you can cherish from your baby’s first few hours.

  1. baby in bassinet

During your fresh 48 newborn session, there will be moments that your baby will lay beautifully in the hospital bassinet. This is the perfect time to take an overhead shot of the baby in the bassinet, wrapped beautifully in the hospital blanket and hospital hat.


2. portrait of baby

while your baby is laying they will either be asleep or awake and it will be a great time to focus on that portrait! This little guy was getting some great sleep being just two days new and I took a few moments to document his first few hours!


3. baby nursing

We know that babies eat. They eat a lot! During your fresh 48 newborn session I can almost guarantee that your baby will get hungry. When baby nurses, I will be there to photograph those intimate moments where Mama and baby are connected.


4. belly button clip/cord

This is a sweet moment to photograph because before you know it, the belly button clip will no longer be there. I think of this as a special reminder of how you brought your sweet child into this world. You provided for him for 9 months and he is now here because of you. Why not photograph and document this memory?


5. baby crying or making faces

Let’s face it - babies cry! Sometimes they really make the cutest faces when they aren’t happy and I tend to click through those moments. These moments of being upset don’t last very long until they’re held or fed so I snap a few of these quickly!


6. baby’s toes/feet

If your baby is laying content I usually spend a few moments documenting those little details. I always always always photograph baby feet during your lifestyle newborn session. The toes. The feet. The rolls. The hospital bracelets and anklets. All of it!


7. action shots

During your fresh 48 newborn session I use a documentary approach to photograph what’s already happening. When your baby needs to be fed or changed, those are great opportunities to get some of those candid moments! When you need to change and dress baby, feel free to take your time and soak in taking the new role of being your baby’s caregiver. I love taking action shots because they help tell the story of your baby’s arrival and can show a perspective of the size of your sweet tiny baby.


8. an interesting perspective

I love taking a pull-back photos of your baby because it helps to tell the perspective of how tiny he was! I take a few of the baby on the bed as long as he or she is comfortable and I love the way it shows their size!


9. hands

One way to describe my lifestyle work is connection. During your newborn or family session I am looking for ways to capture connection. The way I usually capture connection during a fresh 48 newborn session is photographing hands. By including hands, it helps to create that connection as well as the perspective of holding your new tiny baby.


10. family portrait

Yay for being a new family! Whether you are welcoming your first baby or your second, third, or fourth - your family dynamics will change. During your fresh 48 newborn session make sure to get a family portrait that can include all family members!


What do you think? Are you expecting an addition to your family and would like to book a fresh 48 and/or lifestyle newborn session in the DC area? Send me a message!