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I think it’s healthy to try new things as an artist. I’m a lifestyle photographer focused on family and newborn photography and I also love love love lifestyle portraits. Lifestyle portraits suit me and my need to be creative and artistic because I am still focused on connection and showing true beauty of a person. I can get that out of my lifestyle family work and I have the same goal during a lifestyle portrait session.

My friend Briana is a fellow artist in Atlanta that I’ve known over 10 years. Every time I shoot with her she pushes me to do something different and I always love the result. It’s not my style to sit in a studio with a stale set up, but rather get out and explore the city! Briana is a fine art photographer and always sees the beauty walking around Atlanta and encouraging me to see things with a different perspective. These photos were taken at Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party and boy oh boy we were in for a surprise. Dr. Bombay’s is in Candler Park, Atlanta and I am excited to say you totally need to check this place out! Naturally we both ordered tea and they have sooo many flavors!

This session naturally unfolded and it was great to photograph such a beautiful friend in a very unique place. I was actually renting a new lens at the time and knew I wanted to eventually purchase it, and this was actually the session that I knew 100% I NEEDED this lens.

It actually was hilarious that my Briana pulled out probably 10 different props / shirts / scarves / sunglasses that did the trick.

Every. Single. Time.

She seriously ROCKED this session.

We started outside to photograph her surrounded by a cool mural wall in Candler Park. We made our way inside Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Room and started in the beginning of the room. The lighting was beautiful! We got quite a lot of expressions from her, and then moved towards the back room of Dr. Bombay’s. There are umbrellas hanging from the ceiling (not pictured), how cool is that??? We knew we wanted to incorporate the beautiful bookshelf and her several, several props. And seriously it worked every time! I think one of my favorite areas of this lifestyle portrait session at Dr. Bombay’s was actually in the BATHROOM. We were actually glancing around seeing how to use the space and Briana says “come check out this bathroom!” and woah - the way the lights filtered through the shade was amazing!

I hadn’t really pushed myself with light (or bathrooms for that matter) prior to this lifestyle portrait session but I am so thankful for Briana pushing me to do something new and exciting!

5 Reasons to check out Dr. Bombay’s:

  1. amazing tea

  2. awesome location in Candler Park

  3. umbrellas hanging from the ceiling

  4. a huge, beautiful bookshelf

  5. a very unique bathroom

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