How to Look Your Best in Family Photos | Atlanta Family Photographers

Have you ever wondered what to wear to your family session? You are not the only one!

When you’ve got family pictures scheduled not only are you trying to pick the best time and get all of the family members excited about the family session, but you also want to look great in the photos. There is not much I recommend not wearing to your family shoot so I’ll mainly focus on what you can wear!


How to look your best in family photos

Be comfortable

First and foremost, if you don’t feel comfortable you won’t look comfortable! Try picking out clothing that you would normally wear when you are with your family. I mostly photograph connection and engagement and this includes movement with families. I would encourage you to look in your closet and find something that allows you to move in comfortably. Mom, this can mean that you find an outfit that most flatters you and makes you look beautiful. This can be a cute top and jeans, or it can be a maxi dress that allows you to bend down with the littles and be able to move freely. Once you’ve done that, gather some outfits of the rest of your family that will compliment your outfit. Dad, dress in something you’re comfortable such as a button down or Henley top and jeans. I would recommend avoiding sneakers and flip flips, and rather closed toed shoes that compliment your outfit.

Pick 2-3 Base Colors

There are so many stylish outfits and clothing options these days so it’s helpful that what your family wears allows you to compliment one another and not be too “matchy matchy”. If you normally don’t go out wearing identical outfits let’s not do that for family photos. This isn’t the decade that we all want to wear the exact same white top and khaki pants. Just don’t do it. We want to show uniqueness and personality! Take a look in your home and you may notice that you are a family that gravitates towards neutrals, or you may be a family that likes pops of color. Whatever your style, think about that when you are getting everyone dressed. In the spring feel free to wear lighter colored clothing, with colors that compliment one another and go together. In the fall it could be darker colors such as navy blue, magenta, mustard yellow, and blacks. Still aren’t sure? Feel free to check out my Pinterest Board and look up a color wheel to see which colors can help go together and compliment one another.

Add layers and textures

This can be a necklace or scarf or can be a light sweater. If your family members are wearing mainly solid colors, feel free to put one of your family members in a patterned shirt to mix it up. You can all still match one another even if you are mixing up the colors and textures of your outfits.

Avoid logos, large graphics, neons

We want your family photos to be timeless and sometimes having large logos and graphics on clothing can be distracting. Try to stay away from having large print or dated photos on your clothing. I would also encourage you away from wearing neon colors. There may be a time and place for neon clothing, but typically it isn’t the best for family photos and you will have a hard time making everyone’s outfits go together for family photos. The neons usually don’t photograph as well.

I hope this guide was helpful for planning your next family session.

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