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4 Places to Take your Family Photos in Washington, DC

I just moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington, DC a little over a month ago and I have spent some time exploring and scouting photo shoot locations in Washington, DC to make sure I can have options for the families I photograph when they contact me for their lifestyle family session. I knew many photo locations in Atlanta, but now that I’m in DC I have to start over to make sure I am comfortable shooting in specific locations!

There are 3 things I am looking for when I am scouting locations for lifestyle family sessions:

  1. natural light

I am a natural light photographer and it’s important to find areas for a family photo shoot that have great light. Natural light is our friend!

2. variety in the location

I want to make sure there area different areas at the location that we can have variety in your family gallery

3. parking

Parking can be so hard here in DC so I want to find locations that have easy parking options!

keep reading if you want to find out 4 places you can take family photos in Washington, DC.

4-places-family-photo-shoot-washington-dc-tabitha-maegan-photography (1).jpg

Peirce mill - washington, dc

Peirce Mill has great texture with a nice barn door, an open field, and a gorgeous waterfall in Rock Creek Park.

peirce-mill-dc-family-photographers (5).jpg

glenview mansion - rockville, maryland

What I love about Glenview Mansion is the architecture of the house and front porch, the large front lawn, and the small, shaded backyard.


mccrillis garden house - bethesda, maryland

McCrillis Gardens is a quiet, almost hidden location and I love shooting there. It has colorful foliage and an open backyard that lets in beautiful sunset.

family-photography-photo-shoot-locations-washington-dc-tabitha-maegan-photography (4).jpg

downtown bethesda - bethesda, maryland

Downtown Bethesda is perfect for an city-feel location for your photo shoot. There is a lot of color, leading lines, not to mention neighborhood eateries and coffee shops that are perfect for lifestyle photography.

family-photo-shoot-locations-dc-tabitha-maegan-photography (5).jpg

There are many other historic, well known areas in Washington DC that I want to use for lifestyle family sessions so I will be writing another blog post with you for Part 2 of Places to Take Family Photos in Washington, DC. Stay tuned!

I can’t wait to photograph you!

atlanta newborn photographers | in home newborn photography

Lifestyle newborn photography sessions have my heart! Maybe you became a new parent and you’re still figuring out all the parenting things and trying to get your chaotic schedule in order. Or maybe you are now a family of four and your oldest child is now a big brother. That’s a new role for him and he’s still learning what this is like! Maybe your three year old is still dealing with this change and takes a little while to warm up to new people.

Let me tell you something - I’ve seen it all and don’t worry at all!!

The great thing about having a newborn session at home is we can capitalize on all of these new moments and details!

in home newborn photography photo ideas tabitha maegan photography.jpg

I can tell you why it would be helpful to have a lifestyle newborn session in my blog post 10 ways to tell a story during your in-home newborn session because there are so many everyday moments that you’ll want to remember from this special time! Things may be a little crazy for a while with your new addition but during your newborn session,

relax and let me do the work of slowing you down a little bit and making sure you have some photos to tell this time of your life.

We took our time during this in home newborn session and I am glad I got to photograph this family of three. I made sure to get some shots of her time with both parents and wanted to include the family’s home environment. I was absolutely drawn to their colorful bookshelf as well as their amazing sunroom. They also had a collection of Dad’s hats in the bedroom and I definitely thought it added to the story of the uniqueness of their family. Baby girl did so well for her session and the times that she was a little fussy and hungry I made sure to photograph this intimate time with Mom.

Be sure to check out the blog post 3 steps to a relaxed newborn session for some helpful ideas of how to relax and remember - you just had a baby.

We don’t need perfection, we just want photos to capture your right now.

Interested to book a lifestyle newborn session?

Send me an e-mail or leave me your info and we can talk about the best time to schedule your session!

How to Look Your Best in Family Photos | Atlanta Family Photographers

Have you ever wondered what to wear to your family session? You are not the only one!

When you’ve got family pictures scheduled not only are you trying to pick the best time and get all of the family members excited about the family session, but you also want to look great in the photos. There is not much I recommend not wearing to your family shoot so I’ll mainly focus on what you can wear!


How to look your best in family photos

Be comfortable

First and foremost, if you don’t feel comfortable you won’t look comfortable! Try picking out clothing that you would normally wear when you are with your family. I mostly photograph connection and engagement and this includes movement with families. I would encourage you to look in your closet and find something that allows you to move in comfortably. Mom, this can mean that you find an outfit that most flatters you and makes you look beautiful. This can be a cute top and jeans, or it can be a maxi dress that allows you to bend down with the littles and be able to move freely. Once you’ve done that, gather some outfits of the rest of your family that will compliment your outfit. Dad, dress in something you’re comfortable such as a button down or Henley top and jeans. I would recommend avoiding sneakers and flip flips, and rather closed toed shoes that compliment your outfit.

Pick 2-3 Base Colors

There are so many stylish outfits and clothing options these days so it’s helpful that what your family wears allows you to compliment one another and not be too “matchy matchy”. If you normally don’t go out wearing identical outfits let’s not do that for family photos. This isn’t the decade that we all want to wear the exact same white top and khaki pants. Just don’t do it. We want to show uniqueness and personality! Take a look in your home and you may notice that you are a family that gravitates towards neutrals, or you may be a family that likes pops of color. Whatever your style, think about that when you are getting everyone dressed. In the spring feel free to wear lighter colored clothing, with colors that compliment one another and go together. In the fall it could be darker colors such as navy blue, magenta, mustard yellow, and blacks. Still aren’t sure? Feel free to check out my Pinterest Board and look up a color wheel to see which colors can help go together and compliment one another.

Add layers and textures

This can be a necklace or scarf or can be a light sweater. If your family members are wearing mainly solid colors, feel free to put one of your family members in a patterned shirt to mix it up. You can all still match one another even if you are mixing up the colors and textures of your outfits.

Avoid logos, large graphics, neons

We want your family photos to be timeless and sometimes having large logos and graphics on clothing can be distracting. Try to stay away from having large print or dated photos on your clothing. I would also encourage you away from wearing neon colors. There may be a time and place for neon clothing, but typically it isn’t the best for family photos and you will have a hard time making everyone’s outfits go together for family photos. The neons usually don’t photograph as well.

I hope this guide was helpful for planning your next family session.

Please check out more photos from my family portfolio so you can know what to expect during our session.

I also have a link to my contact form where we can chat about booking your next family session. I can’t wait to hear from you!

What to Expect from your Lifestyle Family Session | Atlanta Family Photographers

When potential clients reach out to me about booking a family session I get really excited! I get excited to get to know the family and what makes their family special. People typically book a family photographer once a year at certain times, whether it’s the spring, the holidays, or to celebrate a new addition to the family. Or maybe the family books sessions through out the year.

I want to get to know the families briefly on the phone, learn everyone’s names, and learn about what the children like to do. It is also important to know how their children typically behave in front of the camera. Some children really love the camera and others might not want anything to do with me. It is always helpful to know this information ahead of time so I can be a match to the family’s goals and expectations of their family session.

Once I am able to gather details from the family that will help me capture the connection and tell a story through images, I mention to them what to expect.

Here a few things that I aim to do during your family session.


Here are 3 tips for what to expect during your lifestyle family session:

  1. Have fun

    First and foremost, getting your photos should be fun! I know it can be stressful to figure out what to wear, or figure out the best location for your family, but hopefully I can take the stress out of that for you and share ideas for What to Wear. Aside from that, clothing doesn’t really matter. What matters is that your family has fun. Have fun!

    This family had two young children, that at times were interested in the camera and other times didn’t really care that much. It’s important that I keep your family close together while you keep your children engaged in fun! This can mean tickling your little guy, or seeing how he can pile up and hug on Mommy. It can also mean allowing your little guy to play with leaves and talk about the color or shape! Or maybe your little girl just wants to he held. I’m there to document that for you!

  2. Follow your Child’s Lead

    Once we get the important shots out of the way, you know, the ones for the grandparents with everyone looking at the camera, we can relax a little bit. My favorite images are always the ones where we allow the child to naturally explore and get into something he or she wants to do. When we let the child lead the way, they will naturally be motivated to interact and play, and this helps to bring out natural expressions from the child as well.

    This little guy would stick with us for a few shots and then wanted to explore nature. He wanted to collect leaves big and small, and he wanted to look at the little bugs crawling on the stone. It was totally fine, we are at a park! Let’s have fun and allow me document your child’s interest at this age. Let’s let them lead the way! Sometimes if your child doesn’t really show interest or maybe there is something that you know he or she will like, we can plan an activity.

  3. engage your child in an activity

    I was actually photographing Mama and baby girl for a little while when I glanced over and saw this little guy exploring the rocks and the water. Dad was already there supervising for safety so I encouraged Dad to stay close to the little guy and just be with him and that I would photograph them. And that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t need to set up this activity, it was already going with the two of them. You can see how engaged they were in this activity to find the bugs and look at the water. We didn’t really know this ahead of time or before the session that the child would be interested in just that, but the activity naturally unfolded. I love the way they are together and enjoying what they are doing.

    I can’t wait to meet your family and take unique photos that help to tell your family’s story. Check out more images in the family gallery. If you think you may be interested in booking a session, please say hello on this contact form and we can chat!

{colombo family} | baby jovie | atlanta newborn photographer

There's something so fresh and so new about a newborn baby coming into the world. I met this sweet family and felt special to be invited into their home. This little bundle of joy was 3 weeks old at the time I got to photograph her for her newborn session. She's already got the personality to not want to miss out on the world.

Sometimes newborns at this age have a hard time sleeping for us, but I was happy to have gotten a few sweet moments of being cuddled and awake with Mommy and Daddy. I love when the dads join in on the cuddling with baby, and the bond between a daddy and a baby girl is something so special. The way that this dad adored the most special girls in his life showed in these photos. I also wanted to make sure to capture the sweet moments of intimacy and nursing with Mommy because these moments will be gone so soon, and I love being able to provide families with images that they can look back on and remember the moment the way it felt. 

Thinking about a newborn session? Check out the recent posts on the blog here and here. I'd love to hear from you if you're interested in booking

{musson family} | six month sitter | atlanta lifestyle photography

When you're six months old you can look cute pretty much doing anything. You can tell how much joy this family has for their littlest Cam! I loved that they wanted to include their furchild Max during our time together, because what's a family session without the whole family! We took these photos close to the holidays so keep scrolling if you want to see how much Christmas spirit this little guy had! 

What I love about lifestyle sessions is that there will always be a time to get a family portrait, but sometimes you have to let the Playtime at the Park moments naturally happen that might include stick fights! If you'd like a session at your home or in your backyard, check out a recent Backyard Fun session here!