4 Places to Take your Family Photos in Washington, DC

I just moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington, DC a little over a month ago and I have spent some time exploring and scouting photo shoot locations in Washington, DC to make sure I can have options for the families I photograph when they contact me for their lifestyle family session. I knew many photo locations in Atlanta, but now that I’m in DC I have to start over to make sure I am comfortable shooting in specific locations!

There are 3 things I am looking for when I am scouting locations for lifestyle family sessions:

  1. natural light

I am a natural light photographer and it’s important to find areas for a family photo shoot that have great light. Natural light is our friend!

2. variety in the location

I want to make sure there area different areas at the location that we can have variety in your family gallery

3. parking

Parking can be so hard here in DC so I want to find locations that have easy parking options!

keep reading if you want to find out 4 places you can take family photos in Washington, DC.

4-places-family-photo-shoot-washington-dc-tabitha-maegan-photography (1).jpg

Peirce mill - washington, dc

Peirce Mill has great texture with a nice barn door, an open field, and a gorgeous waterfall in Rock Creek Park.

peirce-mill-dc-family-photographers (5).jpg

glenview mansion - rockville, maryland

What I love about Glenview Mansion is the architecture of the house and front porch, the large front lawn, and the small, shaded backyard.


mccrillis garden house - bethesda, maryland

McCrillis Gardens is a quiet, almost hidden location and I love shooting there. It has colorful foliage and an open backyard that lets in beautiful sunset.

family-photography-photo-shoot-locations-washington-dc-tabitha-maegan-photography (4).jpg

downtown bethesda - bethesda, maryland

Downtown Bethesda is perfect for an city-feel location for your photo shoot. There is a lot of color, leading lines, not to mention neighborhood eateries and coffee shops that are perfect for lifestyle photography.

family-photo-shoot-locations-dc-tabitha-maegan-photography (5).jpg

There are many other historic, well known areas in Washington DC that I want to use for lifestyle family sessions so I will be writing another blog post with you for Part 2 of Places to Take Family Photos in Washington, DC. Stay tuned!

I can’t wait to photograph you!